How much should I pay a math tutor?

How much should I pay a math tutor?
I am looking for a math tutor and I got in contact with this guy at school that charges $ 30.00/hour. Do tutor with a masters degree get payed that much?

Suggestion by Mia
I’m not sure how much you should pay, but I think it depends on what they are teaching. Although, $ 30.00 seems pretty pricey… Try narrowing down the price, or else 2 hours a week and your throwing out $ 60.00!

Suggestion by Ethan Monkey
Make sure the $ 30 includes tip.

Suggestion by S
What math classes are you taking?
If Cal 1, Cal II or liner equation, the average 20-30, depends on the tutor.
But any classes before Cal 1, like algebra, I would not pay more than $ 15

Check the Craigslist Website, you will find a lot

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How much money can I make as a math tutor?
I’m good at math and I like helping people out with complex math questions. How much money can I make as a math tutor? I tried to contact a company that was offering tutoring services to find out if I could work as a tutor through them-it turned out to be a fluke. Please let me know. Thank you.

Suggestion by super_squinks
$ 8/hr for lower level college math. If you’re tutoring higher level classes, maybe a little more… but doubtful. Many campuses offer these services to students for free unless you can specialize in something.

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One Response to How much should I pay a math tutor?

  1. Michelle July 19, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    That seems like an appropriate price for individual tutoring. When I tutor, I usually get $ 40 an hour, and I only have half of a master’s degree. Most other people I know charge more than that.

    Are you sure you need individual tutoring? has a lot of good math lessons (I’ve used them for help with many subjects), and has free math exercises for which you can register.

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