How do you write the square root sign with a keyboard?

How do you write the square root sign with a keyboard?
Ok, so whenever I’m writing out math answers on my computer, I never know how to write the square root symbol, or any other symbol for that matter. I know that for some you press “alt” and then a number, but which numbers do you press? Is there a website or something that shows how to write the different signs?

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…Or, you may go to “insert” then to “mathematical symbols” and select the square root symbol along with many others. This is using Microsoft Word.

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Is there a website that will give you an answer to any math problem?
I am taking a course in nova net (pre calc) and i would like to find a website that will give you math answers, if you put in the problem, or that other people will do for you (fast) and let you know what the answer is. for free and without download.

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You’re looking at it, bud!

We generally answer pretty quickly. A few tips to raise the chances of a quick answer:
1) Use parentheses.
2) Keep it to only a question or two. If you post your 15 question assignment, no one will answer that.
3) Learn how to type up certain mathematical notation and make your question clear if you can’t use the usual written notation.

I hope that helps!

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Yes! You Can Visit this site daily

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So you go to school for what? Raise your hand and ask for help! Stop being lazy and clean up your room too !

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  1. Brianne June 27, 2013 at 5:47 am #

    YES! Use wolframalpha. It can do basically anything. It’s smarter than basically anyother site I know of :)

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